Working Title: Working to make an impact

It all started with a simple conversation back in their Junior College days. Fast forward three years later, Calvin and Mustaffa are now the owners of a prosperous business, a backpacker’s hotel called Shophouse. It was definitely a dream come true for the budding entrepreneurs, as they had endless opportunities with a 5 storey building which came equipped with a cafeteria space.

However, the start did not come smoothly. Barely after a month of opening Shophouse, they were forced to take up running the cafeteria due to tenancy issues. The cafeteria space was thus transformed into a café. Aptly named ‘Working Title’, the café served only one main course dish called ‘the one and only burger that we have’. This daring gamble paid off as it was soon a hit with the hostel guests and customers streaming in for a bite of this burger. It was also featured on several publications such as 8days.

WTWEB-7257(use)‘Working Title’ has had a recent revamp from serving typical brunch food to being a full fledge burger joint recently. “We wanted to go back to our roots, from our very first burger and add a little creative twist to it.’’ Calvin explained the shift in focus despite the recent spike in demand for brunch food. “We have always served Halal food and will continue to do so with creative burgers such as ‘Hawaii-Five-O’ and ‘Magic Mushroom’.”


The owners understood the pains of struggling and the fatigue as their business did not come easy. “It must only be a fraction of what the para-athletes must have felt.” Calvin commented. “I personally find it tough to exercise so I imagine that it will definitely be much tougher both mentally and physically as a para-athlete.” Calvin has always been supporting our local athletes as he was a fervent supporter of Geylang United back in his younger days. This is why Working Title jumped on board this chance to ‘give back’ and appreciates the para-athletes’ effort in representing our nation.

“I am very passionate about sports and I feel that the media could do a lot more coverage on our local athletes. Hopefully it won’t be only during events or competitions that homage will be given to the athletic scene.” Calvin and Mustaffa had always have plans to do more for our local para-athletes and are glad to use this ‘privilege’ as a chance to contribute to a bigger change.

Calvin personally feels that para-athletes are heroes and role models to people from every walk of life. He hopes to meet some of them as they swing by his cafés, Working Title and Afterwit. Who knows, perhaps even an overnight stay at Shophouse!

This may be a small step taken but it is definitely the right step forward towards an inclusive society. Thank you ‘Working Title’ for your support and passion towards making a difference!

Dis.Is.Able would like to thank Working Title for all their support and members do go down to try out the mouth-watering burgers!

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