Wilder café: bringing nature to you

From as young as she could remember, Azurah Khalid have always been in love with sports and food. Her motivation in setting up Wilder Café came from the passion for food and in sharing them with people, especially for the Malay community. “When I was younger, we had a family tradition to bake together for Hari Raya. I guess it could be the sporty upbringing in me talking, but I like the challenge in cooking as it is very experimental, with variations to every dish.”


Wilder has a rustic charm to its look and was inspired by nature and the outdoors. Azurah enjoys the freedom of sports, nature and the wilderness, which ultimately led to the café being called Wilder. Most of the items in Wilder are recycled and made from scratch. A friend of Azurah’s helped made everything possible with the space visualization and Wilder was born.

'the' wall(Wilder)

“If I had to choose between sports and food, I guess I would choose sports. Both are very different kinds of passion and it is difficult to compare them.” Azurah’s face beamed as she started talking about her first love, sports. She was recently called up to play for the women’s national rugby team again, so she fully understands an athlete’s mindset. She understands how challenging it is both mentally and physically as a sportsperson, and that is why she believes that para-athletes have a much stronger mental strength.

“I am glad that the coverage for the para-athletes is getting more visible. Para-athletes do not get enough coverage and I hope that even after APG, they should continue getting recognition for their efforts. At the end of the day, they are TEAM SINGAPORE and they deserve all the coverage they can get.” Azurah believes that everything begins with something small and hopes that the public will be more inclusive for para-athletes in the near future.

She sends her well-wishes for the athletes in the upcoming games, “With all my heart, we support you. Give it your all and play your hearts out! It’s my honour to support you.”

We at Dis.Is.Able would like to thank Wilder for their support and we will be right there alongside cheering for the athletes at the APG.

Article by: A kind volunteer

Pictures by: Wilder Cafe

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