Together let us make a difference!

I am Shiam Jerome, the founder of Dis.Is.Able, a non-profit organisation. It was almost over 14 months ago when the idea of raising the para-sport scene in Singapore as we would be hosting the ASEAN Para Games(APG) for the very first time. Being passionate about sports I decided to embark on this task by first setting up Dis.Is.Able and partnering the relevant associations of APG such as Singapore Disability Sports Council(SDSC) and the organising committee for APG 2015.

14 months on, I am not directly responsible for this but it is great to see our para-athletes on almost every advertorial space there is in Singapore. We are just weeks away from the inaugural APG. And many of us would have never known about para-sports and maybe are still not sure about it. I myself was not very knowledgeable 14 months ago but the journey has been an eye opener.

It has been a very long year for Singapore as we celebrate ‘SG50’. A calendar packed with events from January till now and even successfully hosting our regional South East Asian games in Singapore. The final event to round up an amazing year before we take on the next chapter as a nation would be the ASEAN Para Games which will be held from the 3rd to 9th of December.

There are so many reasons why we should as a nation stand together and support our para-athletes this December and for whatever reason that appeals to you, don’t ignore it and make your way down. From all walks of life, be it young or old, families or individuals, let us open our eyes and not miss out on the chance to support our para-athletes. They have sacrificed countless hours and for some it has been years. They have done their best to prepare themselves, we however unified as one can take them to the next level, motivating them to be that split second faster and or even stronger. The possibilities of achievements are endless in sports and to be able to have that chance to witness them achieve the extraordinary on ‘home soil’ is an honour for any athlete and an unforgettable memory as a supporter.

Let us be there for them, filling up competition venues with a sea of red as they will be carrying our national flag, singing our national anthem and reciting our pledge with gusto and pride during these 7 days. To rally as a nation and sing “MAJULAH SINGAPURA!” despite the result is an opportunity not only for our athletes but for us as fellow supporters to appreciate the true nature of sport. It’s time to support and embrace their ability in disability. #youhaveoursupport #togetherwecanmakeadifference



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