Time to broadcast and support our para-athletes competing on the world stage!

An appeal to broadcast and promote our athletes at the upcoming Rio Paralympics 2016!

For the past few weeks, a local sporting hero has been the most talked-about topic in Singapore. Generations alike speak of our swimming champion; Joseph Schooling who brought home the glory of winning a Gold medal at the largest sporting meet held once every four years, the Olympics.

Everyone understood the magnitude of winning a Gold medal at the Olympics and it was definitely a magnificent achievement – to hear our national anthem played at the award ceremony radiated a strong sense of unity and pride amongst fellow Singaporeans. Our very own was standing tall ‘amongst the legends in the water’. Even the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, could not stop Joseph from flying our nation’s flag up high.

The ‘Schooling’ effect hit the nation like a shockwave; he became an aspiration for kids to dare to dream, an inspiration for our future athletes to strive for their goals and an icon for business corporations as various companies alike congratulated Joseph on his triumph. It was a field day for newspapers as they eagerly covered stories of Joseph and the people who had contributed to his success, something very new for a country who is still in the adolescent stage of sporting achievements on the world stage.


(Local media not giving Joseph Schooling an inch of space after winning Gold at the recent Rio Olympics)

Ironically, just a week before the Olympics began, Singapore broadcasting networks announced that there were be no live telecast of the games despite it being the largest contingent of athletes sent to the Olympics, diminishing the possibility to watch our athletes take the podium live. Thankfully at the 11th hour, it was announced that Singapore managed to obtain the rights to watch the games live.

It would have caused quite a stir had that decision not been overturn. Witnessing Joseph smashing the Olympic record would have been missed by the thousands glued to their live screenings, and the ‘Schooling’ effect might just have bypassed our country.

With the Rio Paralympics just round the corner, there has been no word on the broadcasting rights for the games but we find ourselves in a similar scenario yet again. We are sending our largest contingent (13 athletes), and the feeling of supporting our athletes live and having the possibility of hearing our national anthem being played at the games would definitely reignite the sense of pride and unity amongst our fellow Singaporeans once more.


(Theresa Goh preparing for her swim at last years APG. She is the most decorated Singaporean APG athlete till date and will be hoping to add to that medal tally at Rio 2016)

The sheer thought of witnessing and experiencing the effect again would be simply quite unimaginable. Yet the unimaginable could soon enough be a reality if our athletes do manage to get onto the podium at the Rio Paralympic games. As rumour has it, we just might have a chance!

Let’s not wait till the 11th hour again to decide if the monetary cost is worth it to support our fellow Singaporeans. Instead, to measure the value of a record breaking performance, to hear the deafening cheers and roars of a country uniting to celebrating as one, and the thoughts of igniting the hopes and dreams for our future aspiring athletes.



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