The A Street Barber Shop: Precisely ensuring you look you best

It was early Saturday morning but the barbers from The ‘A Street’, which is located at the second floor of 53 Hadji Lane, were filled with enthusiasm as customers started streaming in the minute the sign flipped open. I was lucky enough to be squeezed in their tight schedule and get a haircut myself.

The ‘A Street’ began to latch onto trend of men’s grooming started to change and it more apparent that men are willing to spend more as compared to the past. Many barber shops today specialise in the classic sleek look cut but they wanted to offer a range to cater to a wider spectrum of customers. This was only possible because of their variety of talented barbers; Khairi, Haziq, Alfian, Nooris and their part-timer Jordan.

DSC_0353As barber Haziq meticulously went about trimming my hair with such precision, I noticed how this place has a very homely feel, so much so some customers just dropped by to have a chat and left soon after. “We want this place to be more than just a destination, it has to feel like home for both the customers and ourselves” said Khairi. He would like to extend this offer to our para-athletes as their drive is something they truly admire. This shop is not shy of local talent as many Team Singapore athletes do get their haircut here and they do hope that our para athletes would swing by and join the ‘family’.

The A Street BarberShop Interior - Google Maps-1

Recently The ‘A Street’ have noticed an increase in media coverage for our local para athletes and are delighted to see them being featured on various platforms such as social media, newspapers and even on the television. The owners would like to add to this surge of coverage on them by encouraging them to have a discounted haircut by flashing their Dis.Is.Able membership card.

As the ASEAN Para Games are around the corner, the skilled barbers of The ‘A Street’ will definitely be in full support from the 3rd to the 9th of December. “We are all very inspired by their positive mindset. They should be proud of their achievements and Singapore is proud of them! “

Dis.Is.Able would like to thank The ‘A Street’ Barbershop for their support for our local para-athletes! Do call them to make an appointment prior to going down to the second floor of 53 Hadji Lane as the crew is eager to have the privilege of styling your hair!

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