record breaking turnout at the purple parade 2016

A movement in the right direction

Dark clouds were rumbling in, the rain trickled around the Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City. The weather did not dampen the people’s spirits though, as, we were greeted with a sea of purple. People of all ages were decked in their purple tees and nutcracker hats. Many enterprises, schools and groups (54 in total) were present with one single purpose, to promote the inclusion and celebration of people with special abilities in Singapore.

This was the first time the Purple Parade graced Suntec Convention Centre. The past three years were held in Hong Lim Park. Purple Parade’s new space certainly benefit the billing, with over 10,000 people attending the event this year. Indeed, The numbers have certainly grown over the years, it is heartening to see that more people are present to show their support.

Speaking to some avid participants confirmed this. Cindy, from the National Council of Social Service said, “I strongly encourage my friends, family and those around to celebrate as them as individuals, to lead us into a more inclusive society”. Eddie, from the Ministry of Manpower, echoed the same sentiments, saying that they want to celebrate people with special needs and don’t want them to be left out.


Khaririyah made a great point, saying,” Some people have a misconception that people with disability cannot perform sports and our para athletes have shown otherwise. Sport itself should include people with special needs and physical disability.”

And lastly, the highlight of the event? The plethora of costumes and props that sprung up during the contingent march. Purple was the main colour theme, and the rest fell on the creativity of the attendees. Boy, did they not disappoint. There were people dressed as Egyptians, inspirational sign boards and even animal props! singapore-red-crossThese definitely caught the eyes of onlookers passing by the convention centre, and even drew them to hang around the parade.


Purple Parade 2016 was an event to remember, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We would like to thank the organisers of the Purple Parade for allowing us to grace the event and everyone who was involved in it. The amount of people at the event is evident that there are a growing number of people who are supporting the inclusion of people with special abilities. This just gives us an insatiable drive to carry on accelerating the awareness of disability throughout Singapore.



Photos by: Dis.Is.Able

Written by: Dis.Is.Able

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