Paletas-Your New Favourite Dessert

Carlos is a nice and friendly chap who opened Paletas, a Mexican fruit bar joint, where the ice popsicles are to die for! Located at Tiong Bahru, these ice popsicles are worth travelling for. These mouthwatering treats are handcrafted and 100% natural. They are made from fresh fruits and are low in sugar, making it the perfect dessert. Only the best ingredients in the market are used and the fruits are peeled and cut by hand in order to preserve the texture, colour and aroma. The fruits are then combined with nuts, flowers or spices to create a more refreshing flavour and a unique texture.


When we sat down to have a chat with Carlos, he mentioned that he wanted to open Paletas as the Latin American community has been growing and thus, there was a need to enjoy traditional food and desserts from the country. He wanted everyone in Singapore to be able to enjoy Mexico’s most famous dessert.

Carlos also personally supports the ASEAN Para Games as he feels that everybody needs help, a friendly hand, encouraging words and sincere smiles. He said, “Supporting others promote better communities, make us better persons, and make us feel good.” Although he has strong support for our para athletes, he feels that there should be more advertising and outreach, especially on Facebook, as he hardly sees any news and videos via this channel.


When asked for words of encouragement for the athletes, he simply quotes:

“There are men who fight one day and are good.

There are men who fight one year and are better.

There are some who fight many years and they are better still.

But there are some that fight their whole lives, these are the ones that are indispensable.”

– Bertolt Brecht

Dis.Is.Able would like to thank Paletas for being on board in support of our nations para-athletes!


Article by: A kind volunteer

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