Pacamara: coffee brewed to perfection

Coffee was not something Peh Li Hao appreciated till much later in his life, but when his passion grew for coffee, it was a relationship that had led to the birth of a very successful coffee joint along Thomson Road. The co-owner of Pacamara first dived deep into the coffee world while studying for his degree and he admitted that it was a difficult task juggling both the set-up of Pacamara, and keeping his grades in check.

“It was mainly the passion and interest for the craft, and to see the amount of dedication that people put into making that one cup of coffee that stirred my interest,’’ Li Hao explained his motivation in setting up Pacamara. From roasting beans to calibrating the taste profiles through different coffee extraction methods, Li Hao and his partner Will Leow makes sure they have a hand in every detail. Despite the hard work being much more than what he had originally bargained for, the path to coffee-making is something that they really enjoy.

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When asked about their earnestness in supporting our para-athletes, ‘’They always felt the need to support home-grown talents and cultures, and be it sport-related or not, I would really like to Singapore’s best representatives of the sport covered more often. To know that there are people behind them supporting them all the way will help them do their best for the nation’’. Li Hao himself is no stranger to the sporting scene as he was Singapore’s top yo-yo player and had even finished 5th in the Asian Pacific Yo-Yo championship back in 2005!

He feels that there are positive steps taken in making Singapore a more inclusive society and hopefully more will be done in the near future. With ASEAN Para Games being held this December, it would be a good opportunity for many of us to understand and learn more about the different disabilities.


Li Hao’s thoughts for the upcoming APG this December, “I have the utmost respect for them and I would like to wish them all the best as I am sure they will do our nation proud!” Pacamara hopes its ‘privilege’ contribution to the Dis.Is.Able members would help in raising awareness for our para-athletes. He would love to meet the athletes personally so he can make them a well deserved cup!

We at Dis.Is.Able are honored to have Pacamara on board with us to support our para-athletes. Do go on down to try their coffee as it is brewed to perfection!

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