NDP 2016: showcasing inclusiveness at its best!

A birthday to mark society moving in the right direction? 

2016 is flying by at an alarming pace. Just not too long ago we celebrated our Nation’s 50th year independence with plenty of activities held throughout the year. For the sporting department, it was the big step forward as we had the best medal tally for both Southeast Asian (SEA) Games and the ASEAN Para Games in our history.

Look at where we are today, celebrating Singapore’s 51st birthday with our parade returning to the uplifted ‘Grand Old Lady’ for the first time in 10 years! A full-housed stadium was entertained with eye-catching performances and pyrotechnics at the National Day Parade (NDP) 2016.

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Wouldn’t growing older mean moving forward? That is exactly what stood out at this year’s NDP, us moving forward together. Familiar songs such as ‘Home’ and ‘Count on me Singapore’ were sung but with a twist, it was done with sign language. The beauty of it was not to be missed as 60,000 people moved in unison to ensure inclusion for people with disabilities (PWD). Suddenly there was a glimpse of how the future would be, inclusiveness on a whole new level, everyone understanding one another with ease.

Together as one in smiles, actions and understanding. ‘Majulah’ Singapura (Onward Singapore) is how we are moving forward as a society, inclusiveness begins with education and participation and NDP took a big step forward by doing just that!

Kudos to the organisers of NDP 2016!


Article by: A Volunteer

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