Interview: The Asian Entrepreneur

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What’s your story?
I have always had a burning desire for sports but para-sport is something that I never imagined would fuel this desire.
An encounter with one of the para-athlete teams triggered me to start searching in depth into the para-sport scene. After much research I realised a change needed to be made.
A perception change was needed and the way the disability scene was viewed needed an overhaul. I had to be the change and showcase positivity and this led to Dis.Is.Able being born together with the tagline ‘embracing the ablitiy in disability.’

What excites you most about your industry?
The unpredictability. Always being surprised by both the challenges faced within the industry and by the athletes who we serve. Achieving the end result is also the fuel of my excitement, the thought of attaining what you set out to do is both frightening and exciting as well. Attaining equality and change of perception cannot be done overnight.
Meeting like minded people is rewarding as well as it is a form of reassurance that you are not alone in this world with the wacky idea of making a change.

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