Hatter Street! A creative mix for everyone!

Tucked away in the heartland area of Hougang, not too far off Kovan MRT station is a little cosy café named Hatter Street Bakehouse and Café. It quickly established itself since opening not too long ago as the “go-to” place for many of the residents to grab a sinful delight after work or on a lazy Sunday morning.

The owners, Yvette and Ash go the extra mile by ensuring that they update their unique concoctions to keep customers on their toes in anticipation of what it would taste like. “We wanted to promote creativity and we thought using food as a medium would be a good way. Showcasing creativity through our desserts is a form of telling people to dare to try!” Ash was explaining how they want their food to translate this message.

hatter 2

Being well travelled both Yvette and Ash do their best to infuse local flavours in as well to keep up to the local taste buds, giving their food a more homely and comforting taste amidst all the other extreme flavours.

Ash was explaining to me that, “we tried a lot of stuff such as serradura dessert. The environment in Macau was great when we had that dessert so Yvette and I wanted to fuse that environmental feeling into that dessert.” It hasn’t been all smooth sailing, “Sometimes our experimental mix taste terrible but we eat it anyway!” laughing it off as they know that getting it wrong is a step toward perfection.
hatter 3

When both heard about the chance to help the para-athletes they jumped on it immediately! “It is inspirational regardless of their disability and to know they are still going 100% for it. I have a social responsibility to let people know about them! In all honestly I did not know much about para-athletes until APG last year and the discount I offer to them is minimal compared to what they have trained for”.

Hatter Street hopes to continue raising awareness as they feel in general Singaporeans do not know as much as they should regarding the para-sport scene! With support from more people they hope that more people will come out of their comfort zone to go support them in the best way possible.

Thank you Hatter Street for believing that together a difference can be made! Do head on down to their stall or visit their website at http://www.hatterstreet.com/ for more information!

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