The queue formed way before its shutters opened. Hambaobao was having its final day of operation and many loyal customers did not want to miss out on their chance to grab their last bite of their finger licking good burgers.


To top off this bittersweet occasion, Hambaobao have kindly directed all their profits towards the Singapore Disability Sports Council(SDSC). It was non-stop orders right from the get-go and the customers themselves did not mind the waiting time of slightly over an hour due to the demand.

It was truly inspiring to see Ryan and Clare(the owners of Hambaobao) worked their socks off for  charity on their final day and  there was even no time for any sort of break as the orders continued to come in thick and fast. Staff of SDSC and even Paralympian gold medallist Yip Pin Xiu came down to show their support to Hambaobao for their kind gesture for contributing their final day proceedings to SDSC.

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-18 at 10.18.26 PM

(Ryan and Clare are all smiles after fulfilling last day for HAMBAOBAO at Beauty World)

All in all it was a successful final day for both Ryan and Claire and as we bid farewell to Hambaobao(for now) we would like to thank them for their generous contribution and wish them all the best for their endeavours!

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