HAMBAOBAO: Every bite is a bite to remember!

Everybody loves burgers! However to be passionate about them is something totally different! Mr Ryan Wee and Claire Ng are that passionate about the food they make and ensure that every bite taken is something one will not forget.

Having a very strong Peranakan upbringing, both his grandmothers were the inspiration and drive for his love for food. “I did not want local food to die out so easily and I wanted to give the local food a facelift” Ryan shared on the reason for his decision to start this. He certainly did that by testing out a variety of flavours before starting up his very own shop named aptly; HAMBAOBAO! (which means hamburger in chinese)


It did not take long for word to spread as his ‘ayam buah keluak’ burger was something no one has tried before but as promised, every bite was full of flavour and left one yearning for more. The lunch queue was justifiable as positive reviews on many food blogs such as ‘hungry go where’ gave it 4 out of 5 stars! Their creativity does not stop there as they recently had a promotion selling cold salad like ‘mee siam’ in a cup which was ready to eat by just shaking it!


Both Ryan and Claire have a soft spot for athletes as they do enjoy watching sports especially soccer. With the upcoming ASEAN Para Games this December, they took the opportunity to support them by being part of the Dis.Is.Able membership card. The card allows them to give a little something to the athlete as a form of gratitude for their effort in representing the nation.

“There has not been much said regarding para-athletes until recently, but I hope my small contributions will aid in raising awareness one way or another!” Ryan also shared how this promotion will encourage a more inclusive society and was delighted that recently they made it wheelchair accessible by installing a lift.

As it is only Ryan and his girlfriend Claire who are running the shop at the moment, they will try their best to go down to support Team Singapore this December. HAMBAOBAO wishes them all the best and have no doubt that they will do Singapore proud as they push the limits!


Do go down and try out their food as they are located at the 4th floor of Beauty World Centre. Dis.Is.Able would like to thank HAMBAOBAO for their support and we can’t wait to have more of your burgers, although we already had a few too many!!


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