Gearing up for the 9th ASEAN Para Games!

It was not long ago that our “little red dot” turned 50, and a year that marked many milestones for us as a nation! One of those milestones was definitely on a sporting level as we hosted the regional games. Sending not only the largest contingent but having a record medal tally at both the SEA Games and ASEAN Para Games!

Fast forward 2 years, much has happen to the disability scene both in the sporting and non-sporting context. The 3rd Enabling Masterplan is in motion as it aims to be completed by 2021 which covers various key aspects. One of those aspects would be to create an inclusive society. One of the cornerstones for this is to develop the para-sporting scene.

There has been a significant increase in para-sport initiatives and inclusiveness as sporting events. The Disability Sports Master Plan has been set up to assist Person with Disabilities (PWD’s) at Centres of Expertise to assist them in learning sports and keeping an active lifestyle.

 How has this contributed to para sports?

The future looks rather promising which such aggressive nationwide plans in place. This September however, Team Singapore may not feel the positive effects of these plans just yet. Increasing the pool of athletes by increasing participation will eventually have a ripple effect into the elite and competitive pool of athletes, but we must be patient.

Despite sending a slightly smaller contingent as compared to the last ASEAN Para Games, there is still plenty of talent to outdo the historic medal tally achieved by Team Singapore from the last time around.

This will be Team Singapore’s largest away contingent which also marks small but decisive positive steps for para-sports moving forward.

It will be an exciting ASEAN Para Games and stay tune as we edge closer to the Opening Ceremony in Kuala Lumpur!

Article by: Dis.Is.Able


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