Don’t miss out on the action this weekend!

Three reasons why you should catch APG this weekend

It’s day 2 of the ASEAN Para Games and it has been nothing short of breath taking action. Records were being smashed at an alarming pace as the day passed. Debutants made their mark and familiar faces went one step better by improving their personal best. Fans from different nationalities and walks of life united to enjoy sports at its finest.

If you have yet to be part of this experience, here are three reasons why you should spend your weekend being part of history.

  1. Change up you weekend routine!

After dragging your feet in and out of the office for the past week, the ‘weekend’ routine kicks in. Spending time with loved ones, family, friends and the list is never ending as we look to make the most of these precious two days. Take the opportunity to be part of Singapore history as it is the first time we are hosting a para-sport event of such scale. Take the chance to go find out what they various disabilities are and how they change the way certain sports are played. Take the chance to appreciate the effort put in by these athletes’ day in and day out while most of us worry about what to wear to work the next day.

Bring your family and friends down because even if you are tired of watching sports, come on down to the carnival area where there is no shortage of entertainment for everyone to enjoy! Creative carnival games which incorporate an educational aspect of the different disabilities combined with attractive prizes makes this carnival one not to miss!

DSC_0729 DSC_0379DSC_0726

It is the biggest ASEAN Para Games to date.

I am sure you have been hearing the numbers of how many para-athletes are actually participating and how Team Singapore is sending its biggest contingent to carry the weight of our nation on their shoulders. This is the biggest ASEAN Para Games which would mean till athletes would have been pushing themselves harder, because the more competition there is the chances of bringing home silverware is just that much harder.

With competition being so intense, the victory is that so much sweeter. The ‘goosebump’ effect radiates throughout the crowd from these para-athletes. Their desire to win and perform better than they did yesterday oozes out of every inch of their body! Trust us when we say that after 2 days of competition we all suddenly feel like getting into sports to have a chance to feel that sense of accomplishment in front of a ‘home crowd’, bringing them to their feet just by the pure passion an athlete radiates.

IMG_0050 IMG_0018

  1. It’s the right step forward

Sports has somewhat been a ‘taboo’ topic in Singapore due to its many controversies. Somehow the ASEAN Para Games has removed this stigma and allowed us to enjoy the true nature of sport. Winning is important but giving your best at all cost is the pride these para-athletes wear everyday. As a nation we can take this step forward and support Team Singapore in the moments of glory and downfall, no matter what we are in this together. We win as a nation and lose as a nation! This may be the push we need to achieve the sporting excellence we desire so badly regionally and even on a global scale. To realize that we can achieve but the empowerment to achieve comes from the support it receives. Our SEA Games medal tally justified this fact and we should build on this instead of waiting for it to happen again.

DSC_0623 DSC_0123DSC_0656

Success is not built overnight, but tiny steps in the right direction can go a long way to contribute to the bigger picture. So get going to the SportsHub this weekend because moments like these don’t come around twice!

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Photos by: and Ritche Lance


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