Curbside café: A second home for customers!

It may only be one and a half years since the business commenced, but do not let it fool you. Curbside Café & Wine Bar has since been established as the ‘go to’ lunch place for the people working at Buona Vista. Curbside was the result of Sam Koh’s dream of expressing her love for people through her food. “To be able to see people smile after serving them food and drinks is actually much more than they think possible to make someone’s day.” Sam’s face lit up when asked why she wanted to set up her own café.


Having spent a few years growing up in The States, she adapted an American style set-up – mix and matching. The idea of big hearty meals accompanied with plenty of variety was something she was greatly influenced by during her stay in America.

“I chose the name Curbside because I want an environment which can be catered for everybody, be it food, drinks or wine. It can all be easily obtained at Curbside where everybody can have a good time with a diner-type of feel.” Sam explained. It is strategically located at the corner of the street, right next to a road, doing justice to the name of the café.

She understands that the food and beverage industry is tough and competition is stiff, which is why she works closely with her kitchen staff to decide the menu. She also values customer feedback, acknowledging that there is there is no such thing as a bad feedback and personally looks into all the feedback received.


Curbside did not hesitate to be part of the cause because they believe that the generation of today has a big part to play in ensuring inclusiveness in the society. This meant that the trendier places must do their part in participating in such a cause. Sam was very enthusiastic when she noticed that the para-athletes are now more recognized in public. “I do know a few of the athletes personally and I’m glad that there has been a huge increase in coverage recently because of APG. Prior to this, there was almost no exposure for the para-sport scene. It is heartening to see that the visibility exposure has now been increased to the bus, MRT and other public advertising spaces!”

Curbside will be supporting our athletes during APG and emphasized on the point that it is important for the athletes to stay proud representing Singapore. Her final words to them, “I really salute you. All the best and kick some a**!”

Do drop by and say hi to Sam and her colleagues as you try out Curbside’s wide variety of dishes. We at Dis.Is.Able appreciate your support!

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