BoxnSticks, Japanese food from the heart!

Her eyes lit up, as we told her the whole idea of Dis.Is.Able. Karen Tan has always been an admirer and a big fan of the disability sport scene and of our local talent. “I don’t have the talent to represent my nation, so I support”. She emphasizes her view on by acknowledging what she can contribute is very little compared to the sacrifices they make to carry our nations flag.


BoxnSticks came to life roughly 4 and a half years ago because of the cravings for Japanese food throughout the day. They could not find quality affordable Japanese food within reasonable pricing, so they decided to start their own restaurant. Their tag-line is from bento lunch to dinner sticks proves they were not kidding about having cravings for this delicacy all day! “Our original idea was to serve lunch in bento boxes and dinner in stick for a more ‘lepak’ feel” Karen joked as she was explaining her whole concept of her place.

The huge fox mural painting which covers most of the wall within the facility was definitely a centre piece worth any conversation as the detail and colour blended in very aptly with the décor. I probed further to ask why the fox and explained that the fox is the messenger between the rice God and the people in Japan. To top off the beauty of the mural, Karen told me it was painted free hand with no draft or base design at all!


As we moved on to talk regarding the upcoming ASEAN Para Games, they recalled the first time they had met Yip Pin Xiu and Theresa Goh and did not know they were national athletes, “They were so nice and friendly, Theresa’s arms did scare me though!” After several meet-ups, she discovered that the two of them were not only national athletes but record holders as well. She explained that she was so humbled after finding out and immediately turned to being their biggest fan!

This December they will definitely be there to support them as much as they can because it would be the first time they get to watch the athletes compete with their own eyes. Michele Koh, co-owner of boxnsticks is also looking forward to the experience and is determined on embarrassing Theresa with her loud cheers during the games!

To them supporting comes first and winning is a bonus because they strongly believe we must get behind Team Singapore no matter what is the outcome. Dis.Is.Able would like to thank BoxnSticks for collaborating with us to give our members discounts and privileges at your restaurant!

Together we can make a difference and let us give our support to Team Singapore this December!


 Photos by: Boxnsticks


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