Arbite: Service from the heart!

The desire for affordable good quality food 5 years ago between a group of close friends led to the birth of Arbite. A restaurant, located on the second floor of Serangoon Gardens, not only takes pride in its food but the service that comes along with it. Co-founder Mr Marc Wee together with his other two colleagues ensured that food dominated by the fine dining scene were made affordable so that everyone could enjoy them. “Pastas would be our top seller as they are handmade. We also set out to do labour intensive food, somethings that take a little bit more time to make but yet still affordable” he explained the sort of food Arbite sets out to make. Arbite emphasizes on effort and ensures the effort from the staff is translated to increasing customer satisfaction. “Everything from the lights to the tables was put together with my colleagues, it was not easy but it represents what Arbite is all about.”

Human interaction is key to translating this and they have been very reluctant to change their style. “Despite the government is trying to push us towards being more techy, I believe dining needs to have the human element to it. We recently upgraded to taking orders with an IPAD but our staff still takes the IPAD and chats with the customer to ensure there is as much interaction as possible” Marc explained.

Arbite 3(gif)Having a personal experience with person with disabilities, Marc feels more social causes like this needs to be developed in Singapore. Arbite did not hesitate when approached to be part of this cause and they wish more can be done to raise awareness for such events (ASEAN Para Games) and the athletes participating in it. Mr Wee acknowledges that it is very commendable and having to compete at the highest level is simply amazing and we should do our very best to support them in every way possible.

DSC_0645-1Arbite has given a generous discount and they feel it is very small compared to what they have sacrificed to represent our nation. They hope everyone realizes how vital it is to show support during APG as it will be a perfect opportunity for Singaporeans to physically rally together and fill the stadiums. Marc sees the bigger picture as he hopes this will start a continuous show of support towards their efforts and in turn increase the corporate sponsorship towards helping these athletes.

Despite not being much into sports he empathizes with their situation,”competing is really not easy and whatever the results it is not really important because they already made it life!” He hopes that the para-athletes will come by arbite sometime as he would like to meet them personally to show his gratitude.

Dis.Is.Able is pleased to collaborate with Arbite who shares an equal passion to make a change!

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